People's Kitchen Collective is taking it to the STREETS with a historic FREE community meal for 500 people through the streets of West Oakland in May 2018.


This seated meal spanning a city block will bring together artists, activists, musicians, performers, and social justice organizations to advocate for the issues most urgent to our communities.

We crave spaces that deliberately center the voices and experiences of people of color. Our lives are shaped by displacement, migration, loss of land, and access to resources. In the absence of land, we create space through ritual in the form of a meal. In the face of a gentrifying Oakland, this is how we feed a revolution.

BIG THANKS to all our supporters who gave a total of $32,430 to STREETS! If you missed our crowdfunding campaign, we're still accepting general donations for this meal. 

Advance ticket required. Tickets will be released to the public as available. Stay tuned on social media for announcements. 

In observance of Ramadan, tables will be available for those who are fasting.  We will package a meal for you to take with you at the end of the event.

This is the last meal in a four-meal series called “From the FARM, to the KITCHEN, to the TABLE, to the STREETS.” This is a project of the People’s Kitchen Collective in collaboration with AIR-SF with generous support provided in part by the Kenneth Rainin Foundation Open Spaces Program.